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We are a organization dedicated to helping children and young adults struggling with mental illness. Some of the things we do are make donations of various things like toys, books, art supplies, and fidget toys to make it easier for those struggling. We also hope to be able to give scholarships to students who have struggled with mental illness to help them pay for college. Another one of our goals is to help raise awareness about mental health and put money towards adding things in schools that could help students de-stress, which will overall help all students. One other thing we are hoping to do is add to schools mental health services by adding things like pop it's to help relieve stress. 

Have Questions Contact Us! or reach out directly through our website or social media!

Meet The Board

Matthew Ashburn

"I decided to start Reach Out Non-Profit to try and make an impact on the mental health crisis that faces children and young adults so frequently in the time we live in."


Violet Caruso 

""Once I was presented the opportunity to join Reach Out Non-Profit attending one board meeting completely inspired me to join the group! I witnessed the joy and necessity of donating stress relieving toys and the benefits of raising awareness, I ultimately felt that being able to make a change while working with a kind group of people was a no brainer."

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Savannah Johnson 

"I know life can be hard, and it doesn't always feel like there's support, but by joining the board I'm going to help others overcome it in different ways."

Natalia Agnolet

"The mental health crisis is a rising global issue and by joining the board we're taking the first steps in bringing change."

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Olivia Montuore

Veronica Flagg

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"I joined the board because I wanted to support kids and teens struggling with their mental health and to show them that help is there they just need to reach out."

"Reaching out can be a hard thing to do, I joined the board to help others and raise awareness so everyone knows their not alone."

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Elyse Cuccaro 

"Hi, I'm Elyse! I am currently a sophomore at WMC, and am involved with Varsity cheerleading, The Paw, and many other clubs and activities. Outside of school, I am also a competitive dancer. I joined Reach Out in hopes that my work with this organization will help others recognize that what they are going through is valid and that it is okay to not be okay"


Meet The Team

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