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Welcome School Counselors

Get to Know How We Can Help

Reach Out is a mental health non-profit run by high school and college students that works with mental health counselors in schools to make sure students have all the resources they need to have the best mental health they can. We help by providing all different types of mental health resources to schools to be used in offices, counseling sessions, and even in the classroom! Scroll down to see who to contact for your school to receive donations and who you will be working with from Reach Out !

What Next?

Please find below the options of what to do next! This page is broken down into two sections one being new school counselors which is how you will request a donation and the other being for returning school counselors where you will be able to update your information. All the way at the bottom you will see our directors of school communications please feel free to email them with any questions you have! 

New Counselors 

Fill out the form below to the best of your abilities and a member from our team will contact you about filling the order of supplies and plan a delivery date with you! If you have any further questions, please reach out to a member of our school communications team listed below! Thank you! 

Returning Counselors 

If you wish to UPDATE your contact info, fill out the form below.

Reach Out's School Communications Team!

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