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**Testimonial from a School Counselor**

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cathleen Cartier, over the last 17 years I have been working in the West Morris Regional District as a Student Assistance Coordinator for West Morris Central.  This year I have moved into the Districts Wellness Counselor position.  


As the Wellness Counselor it is my role to provide students with the support they need to navigate the challenges they face in high school.  The challenges vary for each student and at times balancing those challenges with school can create feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and depressed.  I believe that my position was created to support and teach our student’s coping skills to assist them with the stress that they are managing. 


This directly correlates to your organization and the supplies you have donated.  I don’t have a large budget in this position and many times I am purchasing supplies with my own money. Having donated supplies is helping me to create self-care stations in each school which is stocked with a variety of self-care items and also some counseling messages/exercises.  I am meeting so many more students because they are excited to see what I put out next and after surveying them they are all sharing how having these supplies and stations make them feel like the school cares.


Some comments from the survey include:

“ It makes me focus better in class when I have a fidget spinner.”

“ I would definitely come talk to you if I needed to now that I know you are here and care.”

“It makes me smile when I see what you put on the table for us.”

“I use the puzzle at home so I am not lonely.”


The students really enjoy the coloring books, pencils, crayons, pop-its, fidget spinners, bracelets and journals.  I also add some food sometimes that of course is also a big treat.  The truth is if I didn’t have your supplies I wouldn’t be able to add the variety that I do and it is really helping to break the stigma of asking for help because students stop by daily to chat about the table and the items.  


I also hand out supplies to the teachers and counselors that feel they need to have some in their classrooms for any student that may be struggling.  Then anything left over we use in our Zen Zone rooms.  ( Zen Zone is a dedicated space where students can go to unplug and relax using a variety of self-care tools/exercises)


I am truly grateful for all of the donations and I am also very proud of all of the great work that you are doing to support students/schools. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  


All my best,

Cathleen Cartier

School Wellness Counselor at West Morris

 **Your Impact in Action: **


- **$25:** Provides four No Worries workbooks to a student struggling. 


- **$50:** Provides a small school with a donation of 10 of each stress relieving supplies. 


- **$100:** Provides schools with 10 mental health kits to help students struggling with coping and their mental health. 


- **$250:** Provides a large school with a donation of 10 of each of our supplies. 


- **$500:** Provides two schools with a donation of 10 of each of our supplies. 

- **$1,000:** Provides two schools with two rounds of donations. (Includes about 240 Items)

- **$5,000:** Provides ten schools with vidal mental health supplies for a whole year! (Includes 1200 Supplies)


**Double Your Impact with Employer Matching: **

Many companies have programs that match employee donations, effectively doubling the impact of your contribution. Contact your HR department to inquire about their matching gift program and maximize the reach of your generosity. Some companies may even match contributions from retirees and/or spouses.


**Our Gratitude:**

Reflecting on these young children and teenagers, we sincerely thank you for your consideration and support. Together, we can make an impact on the mental health of all students around New Jersey. Also just a reminder that all donations are tax deductible! 

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